South West Psychodynamic Counselling
South West Psychodynamic Counselling

South West Psychodynamic Counselling                                      

What is Psychodynamic Counselling?

Psychodynamic counselling is a form of talking therapy that delves into our early life experiences and their impact on our present-day interactions with others.


At its core, this approach recognises that alongside the thoughts and feelings we consciously acknowledge, there exist others that remain hidden from view.

Psychodynamic counselling aims to raise our awareness of these suppressed thoughts and emotions, shedding light on how they may influence our lives.


By gaining insight into our ways of relating, we can become aware of these unconscious choices that often lead to the familiar feeling of being stuck. With this awareness, individuals can begin to move out of this position, transforming how they react within themselves and with others.

This is not an emergency service.
If you are in crisis contact your GP ask for an emergency mental health appointment or dial 999 for assistance 

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